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  • Now you can finally earn something back promoting your personal referral link!
  • You get paid for each unique visitor you send. An unique visitor is a single IP that visits EarnDogePTC once every 24 hours.
  • Each contests this leader board will reset and prizes added to your account balance.
  • The leaderboard is sorted on value.
# Member Visits / PTP Hits Total Value Conversion CPM
1 linux1986 3874 Ð120.094 3874x0.031 Ð0.031
2 manojjagia 3459 Ð100.311 3459x0.029 Ð0.029
3 ikar 2840 Ð76.68 2840x0.027 Ð0.027
4 szamoca 2480 Ð62.00 2480x0.025 Ð0.025
5 Jonnes 1940 Ð44.62 1940x0.023 Ð0.023
6 Rusali 1802 Ð39.644 1802x0.022 Ð0.022
7 millionaire 1052 Ð22.092 1052x0.021 Ð0.021
8 freedogecoin 994 Ð19.88 994x0.020 Ð0.020
9 rax33 950 Ð18.05 950x0.019 Ð0.019
10 DzsiAr 839 Ð15.102 839x0.018 Ð0.018

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The rules are simple
  • You will automatic participate in this PTP leaderboard when you promote your referral link.
  • Earnings are added to your account after the contests closes.
  • Your earning is calculated on result, a good conversion rate leads to a higher CPM rate.
  • Earning changes during the contest to match your result.
  • Use common sense and do not bend rules. No multiple accounts, no bot traffic, no empty referrers, no autosurf, no buying signups and no other tricks.
  • Some domains known for sending bot traffic are blacklisted and will not count.